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2 | 2023
Le football anglais entre “people’s game” et “global game”

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Credits : Look and Learn/Bridgeman Images
ISBN 978-2-84867-958-7

The Premier League is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. This is an opportunity to look back at the transformations of English football and the economic domination of its major clubs. The dossier will be composed of articles devoted to English football's relationship with Europe and the world, its football and the Women's Euro which was played across the Channel in 2022, the birth of a globalised supporterism or the finances of the clubs. An interview with Ken Loach, a presentation of the archives of Preston North End, the first major English professional club, and an evocation of football statuary complete the dossier.

Editor's notes

Le deuxième numéro de la revue est consacré au pays qui a créé le football association, l’Angleterre. Il revient sur les permanences et les transformations qu’ont connu le jeu et son environnement d’abord depuis la fin du XIXe siècle, et depuis les années 1990.

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