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1 | 2022

Edited by Stéphanie Genand

What lies behind the term "hystericization"?  What does it refer to? A surge of violence in the public sphere, suddenly overtaken by passion, blindness and the inability to debate. This issue focuses on the manifestations and forms of this frenzy: what are contemporary 'hystericizations'? What are their causes and stakes? In an attempt to shed light on these questions, the new journal ‘Savoirs en lien’, supported by the CPTC team (UR4178) at Université de Bourgogne, is taking up a double challenge: to decompartmentalise disciplines by inviting all the human sciences to reflect and work together, and to link university research to the major issues of the day and of society. Specialists in French literature, comparative literature, philosophy, ancient literature and linguistics are therefore brought together here. Knowledge in all its fields of expertise are thus linked  to each other, as much as they are linked to the challenges of the present.  The question of "hystericizations" enables, in addition to a fruitful decentering of approaches, a nuanced analysis enriched by the profound insights from the past.

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