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Publisher : Dominique Gevrey
Editor : François-Claude Rey
Sub-editor : Pierre-Maximilien Jenoudet
Science advisor: Bénédicte Coste

Editorial Board

The editorial board ensures the practical operation of the journal. It is composed of PhD candidates from LECLA Doctoral School who are elected for a renewable two-year term of office. The editorial board makes decisions and chooses the topic of each issue. The editor and the sub-editor are elected among the board members. Current members include:

  • Ahmed Alustath;
  • Claire Breniaux;
  • Sophie Coquilhat‑Brocq de haut, review editor
  • Mariana de Cabo;
  • Ohianna Husson;
  • Loli Jean‑Baptiste;
  • Pierre‑Maximilien Jenoudet, sub-editor
  • Kais Lakhoua;
  • Tristan Lefort;
  • Chunyuan Ma;
  • Mylène Prélat;
  • Manon Raffard;
  • François‑Claude Rey, editor
  • Camille Riedinger;
  • Meiyun Xu.

Scientific Board

The scientific committee is responsible for the scientific integrity and excellence of the journal. It is composed of academics representing all the areas of research covered by the doctoral school. Current members include:

  • Florence Binard, Université de Paris (English Studies);
  • Sylvia Contarini, Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre (Italian Studies);
  • Jane Desmarais, Goldsmith College (English Studies);
  • Patrick Farge, Université de Paris (German Studies);
  • Christophe Génin, Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne (Performing Arts);
  • Florian Grandena, Université d’Ottawa (Communication Sciences);
  • Philippe Marty, Université Montpellier III (Comparative Literature);
  • Christine Peres, Université Toulouse Jean‑Jaurès (Spanish Studies);
  • Gregor Perko, Université de Ljubljana (Linguistics);
  • Jacques Poirier, Université de Bourgogne (French Studies);
  • Pierre Pontier, Université Paris‑Sorbonne (Greek Studies);
  • Daniel Raichvarg, Université de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (Information and Communication Sciences).
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