Translated from:
Présentation de la revue

Éclats is a referred journal published by doctoral candidates of LECLA Doctoral School specializing in ancient and modern languages, linguistics, information and communication sciences and the performing arts.

The journal addresses topics in the humanities for the whole academic community—doctoral candidates, junior and senior academics, and publishes a yearly issue.

Éclats’ specificity is that it is run by doctoral candidates and early career researchers composing the editorial board who are responsible for choosing the topic of each issue, communicating with contributors and referees and ensuing that each issue adheres to principles of ethics, scientific integrity and open science while providing cutting-edge research. An international scientific board is responsible for the academic quality of the journal.

Another specificity is Éclats other sections such as book reviews, interviews with members of the corporate world, artists, and testimonies from a great diversity of doctoral candidates about their practices and research.

Voluntarily and proudly open to the academic community, Éclats stands as a unique open-access publication.


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