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Textes & Contextes is linked to the Interlanguage Center – Texte, Image, Languages (EA 4182) – a research laboratory of the University of Burgundy. This international online academic journal publishes original articles from both French and International researchers specialized in English-, French-, German-, Spanish- and Italian-speaking cultures in fields such as literature, linguistics, image studies, cultural studies, history, political science and the history of ideas.

Textes & Contextes’ main objects of study parallel the primary research fields studied by the Interlanguage Center:

  • The question of “Individuals and Nations”: works relating to the representation of national and regional identities in different types of discourse (public, political, philosophical, historical, literary, cinematographic etc.).
  • The question of “Images and Cultures”: works relating to images and all their hybrid forms (e.g. visual poetry, illustrations, painting, cinema), as well as the relationships linking different types of media.
  • The question of “models and discourse”: works relating to the ideas of heritage and transmission and their multiple aspects, notably in their historic and social, psychological and psycho-analytical, or aesthetic dimensions; as well as works involving both linguists and/or didacticians in complementary approaches to specialized discourses.
  • The question of “Intimacy”: works relating to the study of texts focusing on the question of intimacy, but also its definition, its representation and its staging.

All theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome and articles can be written in any of the languages represented by the research laboratory: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (unless a given CFP specifies otherwise).

The journal publishes two volumes per year. After an international Call for Directors, each volume is composed of a main section comprising an original research theme, as well as the possibility of a secondary section with its own research focus.

Each volume also includes:

  • a Miscellaneous section which can publish individual articles outside of the main or secondary thematic sections; these articles can be submitted year-round to the editorial committee.
  • a review section for books, conferences or academics research linked to the Interlanguage Center’s main research fields. Such reviews can be submitted year-round to the editorial committee.

Each article will be submitted to the editorial boards, a reading committee and will be subject to a double-blind peer-review process before publication.


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