Translated from:
Présentation de la revue

Football(s). Histoire, culture, économie, société is a semiannual printed and digital journal of human and social sciences. Emanating from the Lucien Febvre Center (UR 2273) of the University of Franche-Comté, it brings together historians, anthropologists, economists, geographers, sociologists and specialists in literary studies. The approach is multidisciplinary and focuses on the past and present of the various forms of football (soccer, rugby, Gaelic football, etc.). It aims to give an account of current research on these games. Although it is published in an academic context, the journal also targets an informed public through an aesthetic layout and synthetic and accessible articles, according to the rules of Open Science.

Every issue starts with an editorial, then propose a dossier (8 articles of 30,000 characters), followed by the sections:

  • Chercheurs/chercheuses en crampons: recent research work (20,000 characters)
  • Hors-jeu: a news article (30,000 characters)
  • Grands témoins: interview with a former player, manager or journalist (30,000 characters)
  • Archives: football history collection (20,000 characters)
  • Patrimoine footballistique: section about monuments, art (20,000 characters)
  • Objets du football: section about balls, boots, shirts, cleats (8,000 characters)
  • Médiathèque du football: review of books, films, music related to football (30,000 to 50,000 characters for the whole section)
  • Classiques du football: review of a book that has left its mark on football literature (8,000 characters )
  • Correspondances de l’étranger: cultural chronicle of foreign correspondents (30,000 to 40,000 characters for the whole section)


Licence CC BY 4.0