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Editorial staff

Director of the journal: Virginie Brinker (université de Bourgogne)
Editors in Chief: Vanessa Besand (université de Bourgogne) and Marie-Ange Fougère (université de Bourgogne)

Editorial board

Editorial board’s members are elected for a period of 3 years. Each mandate is renewable once. It meets 3 times a year to plan the special issues, determine the scientific direction of the publication, draft the call for contributions and review the proposals. It then forwards the selected contributions to the experts in charge of the peer reviews. The Editorial Board therefore oversees the scientific and editorial aspects of each publication (spelling and typographical correction, styling, conversion of documents and publication on line).

  • Vanessa Besand (université de Bourgogne)
  • Virgine Brinker (université de Bourgogne)
  • Marie-Ange Fougère (université de Bourgogne)
  • Stéphanie Genand (université Paris-Est Créteil)
  • Jean-Luc Martine (université de Bourgogne)
  • Isabelle Monin (université de Bourgogne)
  • Isabelle Morillon (université de Bourgogne)
  • Luca Nobile (université de Bourgogne)
  • Manon Raffard (université de Bourgogne)
  • Dubravka Saulan (université de Bourgogne)
  • Sandrine Vaudrey-Luigi (université Sorbonne Nouvelle)

Scientific board

The Scientific Committee is also elected for 3 years. Each mandate is renewable once. It is solicited once a year for a double and anonymous review of the articles received. This committee validates changes in the editorial line proposed by the editorial board.

  • Hanen Allouch (Littérature française et francophone – université de Montréal, Canada)
  • Guillaume Bridet (Littérature française ‒ université Sorbonne nouvelle, France)
  • Pierre Chiron (Littérature et civilisation antique – université Paris-Est Créteil, France)
  • Raphaëlle Guidee (Littérature comparée – université de Poitiers, France)
  • Edoardo Lombardi Vallauri (Linguistique – Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, Italie)
  • Karel Plaiche (Littérature française et francophone, University of Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Céline Spector (Philosophie – Sorbonne Université, France)
  • Thomas Verjans (Linguistique – Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès, France)
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